Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ever seen the show Mantracker, where the grizzled cowboy tracks hapless hikers through the wilderness? Fly 1 enjoys it. Well, today I am introducing a new series, Frogtrackers. It's exciting, suspenseful, dirty, wet and messy...all the things you and your family look for in a tv show. Starring four appealing little tykes, aged 2 to 10, who romp around their rural homestead hunting and trapping amphibians. Will the frog jump high enough to escape from the sandbucket? How many toads will mommy's juice pitcher hold? Do frogs eat begonias? If you drop a large rock from head high will it kill the frog or break your sister's big toe? You and your budding scientists will find the answers to these exciting questions and more...just tune in next Thursday at 8:00 am to see the whole family on the front porch in their pyjamas!

Seriously...what do city kids do for entertainment?

Monday, July 12, 2010

A day in the life ... sort of

5:30 am, husband leaves for airport kisses me goodbye
8 am, husband calls from airport, wakes me up, kids all asleep
8:30 am Fly 3 comes in, asks to turn on tv
8:33 am Fly 4 calls out MOMMY
8:35 am I get up
8:40 am change Fly 4, get people juice, try to keep things quiet for older two who are still sleeping
8:45 am shower
9:00 am coffee, laundry, read and eat breakfast, kids in front of TV
9:15 am thunder wakes Fly 1
9:45 am Fly 2 awakes
10:00 am check work email, read a couple blogs, realize we need to get it together
10:30 pm realize I lost track of this 24 hours in the life post about 12 hours ago
10:31 pm give up and go to bed

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's Gonna Work? Teamwork!*

Email sent today:

TO: Auxiliary Caregivers One, Two and Three
FROM: Mama Fly
RE: My attempt to escape my children for 48 hours

Thursday evening – Auxiliary Caregiver One to pick up the three oldest children from the Day Camp bus at 4:30, then pick up Fly#4 at daycare. Bring them here for the night.
Friday - AC One will drop the three oldest back off at the bus at 8:00 am, deliver Fly#4 to Nana (AC Two) and then pick the kids up off the bus again at 4:30 and bring them home.
Friday evening - Auxiliary Caregiver Three will come here after work and stay with the older three until we get home Sat. evening.

Nana to return her charge at her convenience. Thanks guys, if any of this won’t work let me know. Love, Mama Fly

* for those of you without children, this is from "The Wonder Pets" theme song