Monday, July 12, 2010

A day in the life ... sort of

5:30 am, husband leaves for airport kisses me goodbye
8 am, husband calls from airport, wakes me up, kids all asleep
8:30 am Fly 3 comes in, asks to turn on tv
8:33 am Fly 4 calls out MOMMY
8:35 am I get up
8:40 am change Fly 4, get people juice, try to keep things quiet for older two who are still sleeping
8:45 am shower
9:00 am coffee, laundry, read and eat breakfast, kids in front of TV
9:15 am thunder wakes Fly 1
9:45 am Fly 2 awakes
10:00 am check work email, read a couple blogs, realize we need to get it together
10:30 pm realize I lost track of this 24 hours in the life post about 12 hours ago
10:31 pm give up and go to bed

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