Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is it really this easy?

I think I just created a blog. I say I think so because it seems too easy. I've been thinking of it for years, and kept putting it off as being too much work, and now it seems it really is that easy.

My reasons for writing are many: writing has always been my thing, the talent others have commented on over the years, something I do well. But now that I don't use that skill at work anymore, I worry that I will losethe ability to form coherent sentences. Don't laugh, this has happened to my verbal communication skills already. No reason writing shouldn't be affected too.

Also, I would like to chronicle various things that are happening in my life - the antics of my children, my attempts to become more healthy, including starting to run. Can you believe that? Several months ago someone asked me if I ran and my sister in law howled, answering "she wouldn't run if someone was chasing her with a gun". And I agreed. But now...I feel the need to do something drastic in terms of my physical fitness and running is certainly that.

I need to think more about my next post. It is 11:00 pm and I have had a long day.

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