Friday, September 17, 2010

What I did today

My sidekick (Fly 4, the only one not in school full-time) and I were busy this morning. What we have done so far:

Zellers - rubber boots and MORE school supplies.
Grocery Store - $150 worth of assorted stuff, including more items we need for our Weight Watchers diet
Liquor Store - Wine, Wine, Wine
My brother's house - drop off some stuff, follow him to drop his car for repairs, then brought him home, coffee and a visit
School - cheque and order form for tickets had to be in today or else
Music Studio - very large cheques for the oldest 3 to take guitar, piano, and piano in that order
Home - unload groceries, on second load of laundry and made lunch
Fly 4 now napping, I am thinking of doing the same.

Bet you are glad you waited weeks for me to do a new post!

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