Monday, October 25, 2010

Bye Bye Soo-Soo

Well, we did it. Fly 4, who will be three this week, has a serious addiction to his soother. There are as many nicknames for pacifiers as there are babies, but in our house, they are called soo-soos. Fly 4 is deeply attached. So yesterday at hockey he was playing with a baby and when Fly Man got home, he told Fly 4 that we were giving soo soo to the cute baby. That the baby needed it and Fly 4 was now a big boy who was going to be three and didn't need soo soo anymore. Fly 4 did not agree. However, he went to bed last night relatively easily, only a few minutes of crying for soo soo, and slept very well. Usually we are up three times a night helping him find soo soo, and we know he will sleep better without it, ultimately.

So this is our morning conversation today:

Fly 4: "we go get my soo soo back today?"
Me: "No, the baby needs the soo soo."
Fly 4 (loudly): " I want soo soo back."
Me: "but the baby will be sad"
Fly 4: " I yike the baby to be sad"

As Fly Man said, if he had the words, he'd say "*&^% the baby, gimme my soo soo!"

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  1. OMG.. I felt like I was in the room with the morning after conversation. Did you have to turn away and leave the room? I understand that we are still soo soo free. I am very proud of Baxter and Mommy & Daddy.